About Parker Diamonds

Parker Diamonds is a family owned business in Australia who go above & beyond to create diamond jewelry pieces at the most affordable prices, cutting out all middle men, paying no unnecessary commissions & having low overheads to make sure every cent spent goes into the stunning investment we create for you.

Based out of Melbourne, even though we are a online wholesale business we are happy & want to meet with you for consultations, we believe that this is a very personal, special process & we want to be part of it as we believe that people buy from people & we have a great relationship with all of our clients. We produce the highest quality diamond pieces your budget allows you to purchase, we will always guide you with our experience in making the right decision when it comes to diamond quality, metal preference & design.

Our core business is engagement rings & wedding bands at the most affordable prices.

We have a custom made facility where our clients can work with ourselves & our 3-D CAD Designers to create there dream ring designs & bring them to life. Our designers make use of the most sophisticated 3-D Cad design packages the industry has to offer, no design is too difficult! We also make use of world class casting facilities, along with the best jewelers & diamond setters in the industry; they are absolutely precise & pride themselves on delivering the best – ALWAYS!

We do not cut corners & pride ourselves on producing the best quality diamond jewelry pieces for your budget.

Our service levels are outstanding, we believe that responsive great service is something the industry is seriously lacking, we acknowledge this & use it to our gain; our service is responsive, professional & very accommodating.

We understand that clients browsing our website might feel apprehensive when purchasing jewelry off the Internet. We try to dispel this feeling, as we are wholesalers that use the Internet as a marketing tool. The reason you are reading this is due to our marketing strategy, we believe that the best marketing strategy to have is honesty. We suggest speaking to one of our friendly consultants about any need you may have in regards to purchasing jewelry off our website. We have thousands of designs available for you to choose from and will assist you in creating your own unique piece from scratch.

These above points make Parker Diamonds the right choice every time for your diamond jewelry needs, we want you as a client for life – give us a try!

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